What We do

We are primarily a film processing lab, as with all labs before the advent of digital photography, we processed and printed C41 analogue films, with the downturn of analogue and the huge rise in digital photography, all but a few labs, gave up on film processing due to low volumes.

Fortunately we always had enough volume to sustain and maintain this service to our customers, with the resurgence of interest in analogue photography we were well placed to continue and expand upon this area of photography, and from our sister company  "The Bigger Picture"  DevMyFilm.ie was born.

Building on the new found popularity of analogue photography with a new generation of photographers, we have, over the last few years expanded from  processing C41 colour negative film in house, to include B&W & E6 slide film processing, and we are still the only commercial lab offering these two processes on site in Ireland.

Our latest offering is that we are bringing something truly unique to our customers, with the start of an ECN2 processing line, for the processing of films that have the Remjet coating that are primarily used in motion picture photography and have been reloaded for use in 35mm cameras.

What's coming next? Just watch this space!

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Dev My Film

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