About Us

We are an Independent Irish based Photolab, based in Cork City specialising in processing analogue films.

We pride ourselves in being one of the last remaining labs in Ireland, that process film 6 days a week, and offer an in house film processing service, unavailable anywhere else on the Island of Ireland.

We offer C41 colour negative processing, B&W hand processing, and are the only lab offering E6 slide, and ECN2 film processing.

"Dev my Film" was born from our sister company "The Bigger Picture", and is run by a group of dedicated analogue film enthusiasts who are committed to bringing you nothing but the highest standard of film processing, and treat every roll of film we process as if it were our own.

Simply order from our website, pop your films in a padded envelope along with your order number, and post them to our Cork City shop and let us do the rest.

Send your completed orders to the address below

Dev My Film

70 North Main Street

Cork City

T12 CP8K