"What is the turn around time of film?"

From receiving your film in lab, until ready for posting the following times apply,

C41: Colour Negative 2-3 days, 

B&W: 7 days

E6/ECN2: 14 days.

Times may vary at busy periods, but you will always receive them as quickly as possible




"Will I get my negatives posted back to me?"


 You will always receive your negatives back in the post even if you have only ordered scans unless you request that you don't want your film back, in which case we will securely shred them and dispose of them on your behalf. If you don't require your negatives back just choose "Pick up" option at checkout and save on postage. 



"Can you push/pull film?"

Yes we can, but not for C41 Colour Negative (at the moment), when you place your order for film development just leave details in the special instructions box at the checkout.



"Can I decide what resolution I want my scans in?"

We have an option for Standard, Low, High or Maximum quality for scans. You will also get the option of jpeg or tiff files. Whichever is best suited for your needs. Check out our dedicated page which shows examples of the different scanning rolutions.



"What happens if my roll of film is blank?

If you order prints or scans and your roll of film is completely blank we will issue you a credit code that you can use against your next order. The value of the credit will be total cost, less the value of the development of the film alone.

Send your completed orders to the address below

Dev My Film

70 North Main Street

Cork City

T12 CP8K